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Meet Marty...aka "White Chocolate"

How does such a little calf get such a big name?  Easy, you have a good friend named Marty who also has the most awesome nickname every...White Chocolate.  Then the decision of what to name your first bull calf is easy...

I prefer to call him White Chocolate and Jon prefers Marty, but we know who we are both talking about.  He is doing so great, running around like a champ.  He's also the world's best Hide and Seek player, because I have a hard time finding him sometimes in the tall grass. 

Cows are such curious creatures.  Before you know it, you are done taking pics of a little calf and WHOA....

There's a cow right behind you checking you out!

Robin J.  – (May 28, 2011 at 3:10 AM)  

Haha. How exciting. I'm a little afraid of cows even though I like them.

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