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This is what $400 looks like...

A shaved leg on a dog!

Ignore the large sunspot as it was very difficult to get this dog to stay still tonight.  He was extremely focused on his ball...can you tell?

Anyways, Max's stomach issues are back again.  And this time they required IV fluids. 

It all started off last Wednesday night.  Max was being a pain in the rear and wanted to go out multiple times that time.  We couldn't figure out why, but we were so tired we just let him out.  The next night, he started in again at 1:00 in the AM.  And that was too much for me!  I refused to let him out, yelled at him to go to sleep and slammed the door in his face after multiple attempts by him.  And here is where the bad doggy mommy part comes in...he was vomiting downstairs and having bloody diarrhea.  He was trying to tell us that he needed to go out, but I was so mad about having my sleep interrupted that I wouldn't even listen.  I feel so guilty...

So, the next morning we found the spots and realized that he was not feeling well.  I took him in to the vet and we got our diagnosis.  Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis...basically the poor dog had so much bacteria in his stool, he was bleeding from the inside.  He was anemic as well from the blood loss, so he needed to stay all day at the vet to get some IV fluids.  Another shot in the heart for this bad doggy mom.

He's feeling much better now and is now two antibiotics.  I'm just glad that we realized what was going on, so we could help him.  As much as it hurts that I was so mean to him that night, I'm grateful we figured out he was sick before it got worse.  And as much as it hurts to pay for NINETY dollar for a 35 pound bag of dog food, I do it because I love that guy.

If you're not a dog lover, you probably don't understand why someone would spend so much money on a dog, especially their food.  If you are a dog lover...you get it!

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