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A day at the pumpkin patch

Yesterday, we celebrated our four year anniversary by going back to the place where we got engaged, Vala's Pumpkin Patch.  Jon proposed down in the big pumpkin patch by making me find the biggest pumpkin I could find.  This was after I had decided I wasn't going down to the big pumpkin patch, because I just knew we were going to get in trouble.  And I like to follow the rules!  It took probably half an hour of convincing before I would go down there and him pretending to talk to a worker who gave him the okay to go down there.

Down there was the scene!  I had no clue what was going on, because I found the big pumpkin that had my name on it and "Will you marry me?" and told Jon...."Oh look, someone got engaged here and they even the same name as me!"  Duh.....it was for me.  Told you I was clueless!

We hit up the pumpkin cannon and the goats.  It's seems so silly to me that my favorite part was the goats considering how many animals we have at home.  I love their goat tree house that they build, so the goats can wander up and down the ladders.

Another highlight was the pig races!  So cute and the best part was they used heritage breeds.  To our surprise, the first pigs up were Guinea hogs!  Just like ours!  The other two breeds were Red Wattle and Gloucestershire Old Spot

That last little lady had too many cookies that day and wasn't really interested in running around.

It was such a nice day out, just a little bit cold and breezy but just right in the sun.

This is how most of Farmer Jon's pictures turn out when I try to take pictures of him.

So, he turned the camera on me and I gave my best Zoolander face...

Nah...that's not me!  This is me, complete with the crinkly nose from laughing too hard...

And one nice shot of us both.

This was our little girl's first trip to the pumpkin patch and Jon and I will be so excited to bring her next year when she can actually see everything! 

And because I know some family reads this blog and always want to know how the baby is doing...we are at 33 weeks and feeling pretty good!  Just getting excited to meet our little girl!

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