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Here they are!!! Our sheep!!

Jon took a 12 hour ride down to Missouri yesterday to buy some sheep from Greg Judy.  If you have ever read any of his books Comeback Farms or No Risk Ranching, you would know our excitement.  He has managed to create a flock of hair sheep that does not need to be wormed and is very low input.  These are not sheep that will need to be sheared, they lose their hair in the spring just like cattle.

Jon met Greg in February in Junction City, Kansas at a speaking event.  Greg had mentioned he had a waiting list for sheep and Jon immediately used his cellphone to email him at the event and get us on the list.  And our number just came up!

This wasn't particularly good timing for us money or time wise.  But when an opportunity presents itself, sometimes you just gotta make it work. 

And here are the lovely ladies and gentleman:

One of our 100% St. Croix rams.

Poor buddy...he was tired.  Long trip!

 Our females.  They are an array of breeds, I think maybe some Dorper, Barbados, Katahdin and just a good mix of hair sheep. 

Aren't they gorgeous!

We got them situated just before it got dark, which was perfect timing.

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