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Bye roosters...

All those naughty roosters are gone.  I'm a little sad not to be woken up every morning to an overeager rooster.  We didn't process ourselves this time.  I didn't really have the energy and we were running short on time.  And Jon and I were both tired of feeding that many roosters.  Instead we took them to Mike Ostry's farm, where we get our organic feed.  If you are looking for a great price and service on organic feed, he is it!

Here they are all loaded up.  Poor buddies...they are so much more handsome than the hens.  They really had such great coloring.

I really wish that I would have got a picture of Jon chasing and rounding up the roosters.  It may have involved a large net and Jon chasing them through trees...

*Not really sure what's up with the grey stripe at the bottom of the pictures...these are from Jon's phone uploaded through Picasa.  The joys of technology...*

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