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Piggies and a new calf

More babies on the farm!

We knew one of the mama pigs was going to have her babies very soon, but we were pleasantly surprised to check on them Sunday night to find five baby pigs!  Which was rather odd, because the next morning we could only find four.  We have video proof that there was five, but for the life of us we could not find the fifth one. 

 They were so curious and came right up to me.  But if you moved too fast, they would squeal and run away.  These guys are also tiny.  They are just about the size of small kittens.

Their favorite position in the world is to be lined up head to tail with each other.  It's funny to catch them sleeping like that.

Aren't babies wonderful?  They were out exploring the world and ran squealing back into the lean to when a big pig grunted at them.

Our cows just hanging out.  Poor girls, they have so many flies around their face.  We have been trialing a fly trap, but I'm not so sure how much it is working.

And there is the new baby!  I love how all the calves have different coloring.  This one is a girl...finally!  There is way too much testosterone in this round of calves.  I think we are up to 7-8 boys and 2 girls.  Not exactly the numbers that you want.  But we will have plenty of grass finished beef in a couple years. 

Lisa  – (July 17, 2011 at 8:11 PM)  

The new babies are so cute! I can't wait to see them!

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