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from around the farm

Spunky little things aren't they. I wish I would have had a camera with me when one of them was laying with a chicken yesterday.

Here's an older one the morning after a heavy rain (the stuff is still set up from the Pekin ducks). First are the runner ducks and then I find the other four ducks...

Here's a shot of Jamie's brief time on the mower. She's always been more of an artistic/abstract type and apparently that carries over into her mowing...
She never made the upcoming turn but she did manage to stop before running into the tree. 

POOLS FOR EVERYONE (wait where's our pool!?)

Here's Max chillin' in his own personal pool. I've had to move his to the east side of the house so the ducks/geese quit getting into it and making it all muddy. They have their own pool too.

 They boars have really mangled their plastic pool but it's still holding water. It'll work for this summer. I have grand plans for next year though.

Even the cattle get to swim. They're still skinny and we can't figure out why so we moved them to a big area with shade trees and a pond to see if that would help.

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