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Farm Update

Well that was fun. I sat down to start working on a blog post and the power went out. It's not a big deal to go turn the generator on (other than the cost) but it's definitely not good for our appliances. Even when the power doesn't go off, I'm fairly certain our energy situation is not helping our appliances. It seems like the generator's power is not steady enough and is causing certain things to act funny. For example, we've had to switch to battery powered alarm clocks because our plugin clocks weren't keeping proper time. They could be off as much as an hour in a day's time. And a lot of times something like a fan will speed up or slow down in sync with the sound of the generator.

I'm confident we will get solar, I just don't know when. Hoping for this year still but we shall see. I look forward to the day when I can hope for sunshine instead of just wind.

I told you that our cows are getting skinny. The main reason is more than likely because they (half of them anyway) have calved and are nursing. But we're not 100% sure what's normal body condition. Part of the problem, though, is the flies. We haven't done anything for fly control on the cattle because most methods involve chemicals. We knew of a walk through fly trap you could make but I was having trouble finding plans to build it and I would have even more trouble finding the time. Jamie found a different kind of fly trap that simulates a large animal and traps the flies that way. It sounds great and we can order it, which will save me the time of figuring out how to build it. It should be hear next week.

Rich  – (July 4, 2011 at 7:25 PM)  

Is this the type of plan you were looking for?


Unless I am wrong, I think most of the "natural beef" protocols allow the use of some of the cattle rub products.

Farmer Jon  – (July 7, 2011 at 11:49 PM)  

Thanks for the link Rich. I'm planning on something similar to this for the pigs. Similar in that it combines a bunch of things and is mobile. I'd like to combine shelter, drinking water, and a 16'x16' hog pen into one moveable contraption.
Here is the particular walk-through trap I was referring to: http://extension.missouri.edu/p/G1195 . I even found the blueprints for it too. I knew Missouri had them but I could never get them to show up but I when I was looking for the link to post here, I found out how to download the blueprints.
Our Epps Fly Trap arrived today, so we will give that a shot first.

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