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Bob is in rehab...

Bob had a rather unfortunate run in with Max.  Max nearly killed the poor duck.

We pulled up late on the 4th of July and I could see Bob right up by the porch by himself.  The headlights shown on him and he didn't even move a muscle.  I immediately knew something was wrong, because ducks do not like to be by themselves and his feathery hairdo was all askew.

As I walked up to him, I saw the damage.  Max had ripped out a huge chunk of feather on his back and sides.  He even ripped out some feather on his head.  I started to pray the Prayer of All Mothers "Lord...give me strength....", because that dang dog had done it again. 

I picked up Bob and took him inside to wash him off as Jon scolded Max.  Poor Bob's skin was all bright pink where his feathers were missing.  I hoped that by washing off some dog slobber that Bob would have a chance.  And don't think that I didn't want to smear triple antibiotic ointment on him, because I did.  But I also didn't want to mess with his digestive system if he started to clean his feathers.

So, we put him in a cordoned off area of the shed and hoped for the best.  I should also say that poor Bob was in shock the entire time.  He didn't even move at all when I set him down or picked him up.  The next morning he was running around and a little bit and his skin wasn't so bright pink.  I took that as a good sign. 

This Bob when he was little...wasn't he the cutest!  Now keep in mind, that I just assume Bob is a male, I don't actually know.

This is Bob now.  You can barely see a few spots where his feathers are starting to grow in.  Oh, and right at that moment he was falling.  He is walking with a huge limp, which is why he is in rehab, aka "The Duck Pen".

He was all alone for a couple days, but I couldn't stand to see him lonely.  So, I captured a few stray ducks.  I could tell he immediately brightened up and started to shake his tail feathers.  Lonely animals are sad to see, because all they really want to do is be by each other.

So, hopefully Bob is on the mend and we scared the crap out of Max so bad that he won't do this again.  But you just never know with that dog...

Lisa  – (July 12, 2011 at 5:22 AM)  

Poor Bob! I hope he's okay. I hope poor Max learned his lesson.

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