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Garden update....

And here it is....

Wait....can't you see the garden..............it's exploding right now!

Exploding with weeds!

I failed this year with a garden and I'm okay with that.  At the exact time that I needed to be planting was the exact time that I was the sickest in my pregnancy.  Some days it was morning, afternoon and evening sickness.  And the sheer exhaustion was a little too much on some days.  I really miss my garden this year, especially right now.  Right now, people are eating their own home grown juicy ripe tomatoes and I'm buying tomatoes in the store.  It seems so wrong to buy tomatoes in the store when they are so easy to grow at home.  Not to mention that there is something wrong with tomatoes that are bought in certain stores and at certain times in the season.  I curse myself sometimes for not signing up for a CSA this year.

Next year.  That's what I keep telling myself.  I will have birthed this baby, had a few months to settle into a routine and it should be right around Spring that I'm feeling like myself again. 

So for now I will just keep looking at pictures of my garden from last year.  And as soon as those seed catalogs come this winter, I'm gonna start circling and making lists....

Sigh.....like I said...next year!

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