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We got ourselves a groundhog!

For the past few weeks, we've been hearing something chewing on our floor boards in the living room.  We could see where something had crawled into a crack in the foundation.  Whenever I would hear the chewing and it was LOUD, I would walk over the spot and stomp on the floorboards.  Of course, praying that I wouldn't fall through since we weren't sure how much he had chewed off. 

One day, Jon saw the little booger run out from under the house.  So, he got a live trap to see if he could catch a groundhog.  And it worked!  Just this morning my dog was freaking out while I was trying to sleep.  I'm ashamed to say I yelled at the poor dog since he was interrupting my sleep.  He was just trying to tell us what we caught!

Wild animals are a change for me in my life.  I grew up in a small rural town, but I never had to deal with wild animals.  Max was playing hide and seek with a raccoon in the machine shed one day and then had him cornered up a tree the next day.  Now, I am not a fan of just shooting animals.  It just makes my heart hurt to think about shooting either a raccoon or a groundhog.  I know that seems silly since I am not a vegetarian, but it's the truth.  So, I made Jon promise me he would take him a couple miles away and let him go.  Now we'll shall see if my opinions change if the little booger comes back...

Robin J.  – (May 5, 2011 at 5:37 PM)  

Hehe. I shouldn't laugh but this post made me giggle. I had no idea groundhogs would chew on the floor. It's really cute. I've never seen a groundhog in person before. They look really big. Can you eat them or is that an odd question? lol

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