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There were no small bunnies harmed in this photo...

Although it looks like Max tore a bunny up... 

All I have to say is God bless the Furminator!  This is the undercoat of a hairy German Shepherd.  AND this is after Jon brushed him this afternoon.  AND this is after all the fur that's still in my house....

German Shepherds are hairy....enough said.

Back to the Furminator.  If you have a hairy dog, this is literally a god send.  It's a bit pricey, I think I paid 60 bucks for it at my local pet store.  I almost wept with joy when I saw how much hair it was getting off Max.  It really gets out that undercoat, which is the majority of the hair that I find around my house.  I would highly highly recommend this to anyone who loves a hairy dog!

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