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Naming cows and new farm additions

Jon and I decided that naming our cows was the best way to help identify them.  It's so funny how different cows have different personalities.  There are shy ones and not so shy ones.  Bossy cows and meek cows.  Loud cows and quiet cows.  I really do enjoy watching them and interacting with them and getting to know their personalities.

First up, my favorite heifer-Teddy.

She is a part Jersey and all cuteness.  I just love her coloring!  Not sure how she got so muddy though.

Another heifer-Patches

Another heifer-Queen Latifah (with Teddy to the left of her and Spot-another heifer in the back)

Our yearling bull-Boy George (Don't ask me how my husband came up with these names, but he named 90% of them)

Our two-year old bull-Wooly Bullie

Another of my favorites-Jezabelty

And next up are the Mean Girls.  Do you guys remember that Lindsay Lohan movie, Mean Girls?  Well, we have three of our own and we decided to name them after the characters in the move.

So, we have Regina...


And Karen...

These three are the most social of the bunch and also the meanest.  We unrolled a bale of hay and Regina went walking right down the middle of the hay tossing her head from side to side to stop the other cows from eating.  Naughty cows...

Oh, I can't forget Roan of Arc!  She has such a pretty roan coloring...

Heifers are so curious if you stand still..

Not sure how, but our cows and heifers got out two days in a row.  The first day we think the polywire got snagged on our neighbors tractor when he dumped a bale.  The cows were actually all where they were supposed to be until Jon went to put the polywire back up.  Then five cows rushed him and ran out of the paddock.  He was able to get three of them back in by himself and called me in for back up for the other two. 

The next day after the memorial service for Terry Gompert, we went to check on the cows and noticed the heifers had managed to get off of the farm grounds and were grazing in the ditch.  We have no idea how they did it.  When we went closer to their water, there was a couple step in posts on the ground and I couldn't even find the polywire end.  Not sure if it was a deer or maybe the heifers got to head butting each other and knocked the fence down.  They got to the right spot pretty quickly when I pulled out the range cubes.  Nothing like bribing some cows...

Since we aren't crazy enough as it is, we've decided to add some more animals to the farm.  Four pregnant sows and four boars will be making their way to the farm soon.  They are Guinea hogs.  They are a smaller black pig who does very well converting rough forage into pounds and are great for bacon, ham and lard.  Can't wait to see some piglets!

Yeoman  – (April 1, 2011 at 8:41 AM)  

Heifers in particular will test fences. They're looking for a way out. Grass is always tastier, I suppose. . . .

We've named a few cows as well, although very few. Sunflower was one of our cows, although I have no idea why we called her that. She had an unusual character in that she liked to test all the bales of hay for tastiness prior to deciding which she was going to eat. And she also would make use of an entire pasture, walking a long ways, when other cows would not, to make use of patches of good grass.

One year we called her calf Sunflower Seed.

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