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We're still alive...barely...

Moving sucks.  Enough said. 

Especially when the house you are moving into has no heat or running water.  Thankfully we got the heat running last week and my brilliant husband took out all the old PVC plumbing and replaced it with PEX.  We are still having issues with water pressure, but we think it's because of the faucets that are gunked up.  My husband is so awesome because he was able to replumb the house without ever having using PEX before and it works!

We are still moving out the old owners stuff and killing flies.  I almost screamed at the top of my lungs when I walked in to the bedroom yesterday.  You know those scary movies where there are so many flies they look like they could engulf you?  That's how our bedroom looked, no joke.  My husband says I have a tendancy for drama but there are so many flies!

I'll leave you with a little pic of my buddy.  It's not the most technically perfect picture ever, but it just reminds me of such a sweet moment...Max waiting for his dad to come home.

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