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Things I've learned from this weekend...

1.  Moving sucks...

2.  There is a learning curve with dogs and electric fence.  Just when you think he's got it figured out...he goes and gets himself shocked again.  At one point, he was laying in the pond and then got shocked.  I'm sure you can figure out what happened next.  He actually ran all the way back to the farm as fast as he could.

3.  After simultaneously giggling and feeling sorry for the dog that keeps getting shocked, I proceed to hit my head FIVE times in the grainary building.  Let me repeat that...FIVE times..and this was in one day.  At one point I took to walking with my hands out in front of me like I was blind which helped and then I would forget and smack my head AGAIN.  Lesson learned, don't wear a baseball hat and work in places that have low doorways.

4.  Who needs TV when you can catch flies with a fly strip?  Waiting patiently for them to crawl far enough for you to stick them with the fly strip will pass the time.

5.  The above mentioned flies will sound like a motorboat when trying to escape the fly strip, perfect for sleeping and trying to concentrate at the computer.

(no pic today, can't find the other computer cord to hook up the desktop!)

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