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Commuting, wind energy humor and old iPods

It actually hasn't been that bad commuting.  I forgot how much I enjoy driving in a car listening to good music.  I found my iPod which survived the move.  I honestly don't know how this thing is still ticking.  It's an original 4G iPod.  Which means it's all black and white baby....  But it keeps working and it has a TON of songs on there.  I've had it for almost 8 years, is that a record for iPods?

Every time I head to Lincoln, I curse myself silently for forgetting my camera.  The view on the drive there is so awesome.  Just open sky and fields.  I pinch myself every day because I'm so lucky to be able to live where we do.  I will try and remember my camera so I can capture the view.

As you can tell, Internet is still slow going.  We have our new broadband key on its way on Monday, which should help the situation.  I'm dying to post more pictures, but our upload speed is so slow it will take me forever.

I shared a little bit of wind energy humor today on Twitter.  The wind has stopped blowing for a couple days and we were sucking battery power.  We were down to about 75% before I left for work on Wednesday.  And then the wind came!  I know people here in Nebraska always complain about the wind, but I have never been more grateful for that wind.  Our batteries went back to full and I actually got to use a few appliances that we hadn't been using.  Namely, a toaster.  I did a little happy dance yesterday morning while I was making my toast, because I was so excited.  And I used my blow dryer without feeling guilty.  It's great to have excess power!  My contribution for wind energy humor was changing the old saying of  "Make hay while the sun still shines" into "Make toast while the wind still blows". 

We are slowing getting into a routine around here, which is great.  Our lives have been a little chaotic since the move and we've been struggling to get back on track.  Cows are all great, no calves yet.  Chickens and turkeys will be coming next month.  Jon is trying to talk me into adding some more animals, but I'm not so sure.  Bear with me people and I promise more pictures of the farm will be coming next week!

Lisa  – (March 18, 2011 at 5:14 PM)  

Sure makes you take notice of all the things we take for granted. I admire you for taking on this challenge and envy you a little bit too!

Liz & Aaron  – (March 23, 2011 at 9:40 PM)  

I will try not to curse the wind anymore...no promises though!

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