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Poking around the farm...

There is so much cool stuff around this farm.  Farms definately accumulate stuff, especially when you are 100 years old.  So, I decided to take a few pics for everyone to see.

Now this is not 100 years old, but it's definately something that we needed!  A farm truck!  It needs a few repairs but the price was right.

Here's the machine shed.  As you can see there is an old totem pole, just hanging out...

Here is the owner's restored John Deere tractor.

Here is an old pull behind combine...pretty cool stuff.

An old planter.  We had troubles identifying some of the machinery.  But some of our (ahem) more experienced members of our family knew what most of it was.

Jon told me he installed indoor plumbing in the machine shed...

The next two are my favorites.  Here is an old woodstove.  I just love it, the coloring is still shining through.  I would have been very proud to cook on that if I received it new.

This one I'm not as sure what it is...maybe a boiler or just an ornate wood stove.  Either way, it's sooo cool.  Both of these things would look so neat if they were restored.  Things just aren't made like they used to.

Yeoman  – (March 28, 2011 at 9:18 AM)  

That is cool.

I like doing that also, and I've found the neatest stuff on the place we run cattle on. Sheep brands, sheep herders stoves, plows, car bodies. I could spend hours doing that.

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