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Why on earth would we want to farm?

That's a very good question!  From a very young age, I've been obsessed with growing things.  You know in third grade when you planted corn seeds in little white styrofoam cups?  I didn't stop planting them after we were done with that chapter.  I just loved to see that corn seed turn into a small green plant that kept pushing its leaves farther and farther upward.  We always lived in rentals growing up, so I never got the chance to actually garden.  When I got to college, I always felt so cooped up living in an apartment.  I just wanted to get outside and dig in the dirt!  So, one day I went to Home Depot, bought some cacti and a burro's tail and was hooked.  The feeling of the potting soil and watching my plants grow thrilled me to no end.  It wasn't until Jon and I moved to our first cheap rental house that I actually started to grow veggies.  My first try was lettuce and snap peas.  Seeing my first lettuce leaves pop up and actually eating them on a BLT made me realize how much more I wanted to grow.  Fast forward to the present time....  Last year, I dug up a part of my lawn (I know...the horror of all homeowners...) to plant a raised bed close to the house.  I also put a smaller raised bed in an empty planting bed.

I wanted to try my hand at growing my own plants since I was dissatisfied with everything I found at our local stores.  So, eighty dollars later at
Seedsavers, I had my seeds.  Which by the way if you google Seedsavers Exchange, it looks a little naughty....go ahead...I dare ya!  What started as plans for 3-4 tomato plants of three different kinds turned into about 30 tomato plants total.  When it came time to thin out my seedlings, I didn't have the heart to snip them.  I couldn't kill any of them!  I worked so hard to get them to grow!  So, I did what any sensible 20 something female would do....I dug up more of my lawn to plant them all!  God bless my husband for letting his crazy wife tear up the lawn.  I obsessively tended to my plants every night after work getting that same thrill that I did when I was just planting corn seeds.  Here are a few pics of my harvest...
and this...


and the tomatoes...oh the tomatoes...

Stay tuned for part two of  "Why on earth would we want to farm?"!!!!

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