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A dog and a shotgun...

So, the very first thing that I decided that I needed when we moved to the farm was a dog and a shotgun.  Now, why a dog and a shotgun? 
1. My husband travels at times and being left alone on a farm by myself...I think not. 
2.  I have been begging my husband for a dog since we first got married a little over three years ago.
3.  I've always wanted to learn how to shoot a gun although it seems pretty stereotypical to shoot guns in the country. 
My husband who grew up on a farm keeps telling me that it is scarier to be in the city with people trying to break into your house and steal your 42 inch tv.  But I like to be on the safe side.  Now if I actually learn to shoot the shotgun is another story...

So, without further ado, meet Max:

He may look all cute and innocent with those batwing ears, but he is definately still a puppy.  He is a 13 month old German Shepherd.  We are still unsure if he is actually all GSD or not, since he is skinnier and has a white chest/paws.  We've been told that he could have a little border collie in him.  Maybe someday we will actually do a doggy DNA test.  No joke...

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