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Goat milk

A couple years ago something strange happened to me.  I started noticing a pattern of having stomachaches, cramps and indigestion later in the day.  It took me awhile to connect it, but I finally realized that drinking milk was making me sick.  I was very upset when I figured it out and kept drinking milk trying to ignore the symptoms.  Not my smartest moments ever...   My favorite breakfast used to be a bowl of cheerios (plain...no sugar) with some skim milk.  When I finally figured out that milk was making me sick, I tried lactose additives to see if I could still drink milk.  The amount of additives that I was having to take made it too expensive to drink milk regularly.  With much sadness, I didn't drink milk for probably a year and a half. 

And what's the yin to oreo's yang? 

That's right, milk.

No more oreos and milk for me....:(

I had tried soy milk with no luck.  It had too much of a nutty aftertaste.  So, that also excluded almond milk.  I've never tried rice milk.  Raw milk was no better, still made me sick.  And hemp milk is just too weird to sample.  So, finally one day when I was in the grocery store I decided to take a chance on some goat milk.  Success!  I was not sick at all that day.  Count me as one of the many people all over the world who are goat milk drinkers.  It's very interesting to learn that the majority of the people all over the world are goat milk drinkers.  It's just the opposite in the United States.  Researchers still aren't sure why some people tolerate goat milk more than cow milk.  Some speculate that it could be because goat milk has a slightly lower lactose level or that it's naturally homogenized.

The first time I tried goat milk, I was a little nervous.  I have to say it does have a slightly different smell than cow's milk.  I couldn't tell the difference!  To me, it tasted like just like cow's milk.  So, if you ever get a chance to try goat milk, try it!  And also have some delicious goat cheese while you're at it!

Lisa  – (January 25, 2011 at 7:36 PM)  

Save a glass for me. I'll be up on Saturday.

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