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Sorry, I've been so MIA...

As my 39th week of pregnancy arrives...I can definitely see how far I've fallen from blogging and the farm.  Lately, it's just been enough to get to work, cook and maybe clean the house.  I promise next year will be filled with lots of blog posts and pictures! 

Solar panels are up and working!  I'm so glad to that Jon was able to get these up, because it gives us a much steadier supply of power.  And they are kinda pretty to look at...

We also have a new addition to the farm.  It's a John Deere 4010, which should help us out immensely with snow removal and the tilling of the garden. 

I'm trying to be patient and wait for our little farm girl to arrive, but as you can see I'm getting larger by the minute...

Hurry up, little one!  Your momma and daddy can't wait to meet you!

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