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Behold the power of the sun! What an amazing thing the sun is. Until this year, I had never really thought about all the sun does. It impacts everything we do on the farm. I'm tempted to start explaining the many different roles that solar has on our farm but I could spend quite a while writing about that and I have to get to work. So it'll have to wait for another day. Until then, here are a few snippets.

757 kilowatt hours produced by our solar panels in the first 5 days. Yippee!

This is something I had been wanting to try and Jamie thought I was crazy. It's basically a mini-greenhouse on the south side of the house. It's purpose is to absorb heat with the black plastic and trap it with the clear plastic. In theory, that heat will warm that portion of the house or, at the very least, keep cold air from getting in. During the middle of the day, that thing really gets toasty. I need to get a thermometer in there to see how much warmer. I would guess 20+ degrees warmer than the outside, when the sun is shining bright.

Of course, three days after having the solar panels up and running the wind turbine quit working... Whether it's a coincidence or something I did when hooking up the solar has yet to be determined. 
It's always somethin'!

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