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Greetings from the land of poop and breastmilk!

This is how things have been going on the farm lately...

Eat, sleep, poop...repeat!  And of course, pose for Momarazzi pictures that show off one of Clara's better hair days...

It's so true what they say that they grow up before your eyes.  I can't believe our little farm girl is around 2.5 weeks old!  And it's also true what they say, that nothing prepares you for parenthood.  I've worked with kids and babies since I graduated nursing school, but that was cakewalk compared to the last 2.5 weeks!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we may have finally found a new normal and that we are getting into a routine.  It's been difficult to get into a routine due to the holidays and difficulties with breastfeeding.  Thank goodness that Lincoln has such a great resource in Milkworks.  I'm really hoping that we've crossed over the hump with breastfeeding and are on our way to smooth sailing.

And yes, this post was being written and posted around 1:00 in the AM.  I can hear little Miss Clara in the next room grunting around, waking up for her next feeding.  Like I said...this is a new normal for us!

I'm really hoping that soon I can delve back into helping out more with the farm.  I've been getting seed catalogs in the mail, which make me really excited for the spring!  We've got big plans for our little farm, but sometimes it's difficult to stay on track when life gets in the way.  I just keep telling myself that we will get there...baby steps...

The Aesthetic Elevator  – (December 29, 2011 at 7:59 AM)  

Is that carseat a Chicco Keyfit? That's what we have on our registry at the moment; do you like it so far?

agirlonafarm  – (December 30, 2011 at 1:01 PM)  

Yes, it is a Chicco Keyfit! And I really like it, the base is so nice just to snap the carseat into the car. Sounds like you are expecting your first baby then! Congrats!

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