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an ode to livestock shelters

On our farm, they come in all shapes and sizes and most of which are being used for a purpose other than what it was originally intended. Someday we will replace them with better looking versions but not anytime soon.

This is in the ewe lamb pen. It's the stack of free glass doors that I picked up with four glass doors arranged against it to make a lean-to. And an old sink for extra support... I put this together when we had that cold rain and sleet recently. It was in the middle of my work day so I didn't have time to actually build something. And I have to admit, it's pretty sturdy.

This is a large dog house I bought for 10-15 bucks. I put this in the ram lamb pen the same day that I put together that lean-to. I needed a quick solution and it works great. They both fit inside comfortably (or at least they look comfy).

Here is another portable, multipurpose shelter that I'm putting together. The previous person who lived here left some insulated panels (like a SIP, only not as heavy duty) lying around. I needed to do something with them because they weren't enclosed on all sides and the insulation was disappearing. All I need to do is put a roof on it. But I don't have enough tin lying around, so that's going to require further investigation.

Here are the two chicken shelters (aka chicken tractors). Each is made out of entirely different materials but the goal was the same - lightweight and sturdy. You can make things lightweight and sturdy but it's hard to do so cheaply, which was what I was trying to do. I like my latest version made out of electrical conduit because it's lighter than the first one made out of wood and I feel that it may be slightly sturdier too. These are not for winter use. Their main purpose it to protect from predators and offer cover from the sun and rain.

And of course you've already seen my first portable, multipurpose shelter. It's in the new hog pen now.

I've been wanting to try this out for a while but they are hard to come by. I would often see ads on Craigslist for free pickup toppers but was never able to respond quick enough. Well I finally did and this is what resulted. Instant hog shelter! The opening is slightly shorter than the boars so they have to slip in but it gets taller after the opening. My intent is to put it on skids of some sort (railroad ties, 4x4's, posts, ???). I just picked up a second one the other day. It's a little shorter but it will work great on railroad ties. All for the low, low price of zero.

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