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Oh Maximus...

Some days you are such a sad sad puppy...

He's had a rough month.  And our pocketbook has had a rough month as well.  First he had his little stay at the vets office getting IV fluids.  And then he goes and gets hit by a car...by our landowner nonetheless. 

He's okay now, but he was pretty shaken up.  He had recently gotten into the bad habit of chasing and swooping at cars when they were in the farm yard.  He still won't go out of the farmyard due to the electric fence, but he was getting pretty close to cars as they drove into the yard.  We thought we were making progress on getting him to stop that bad habit, but one night when we weren't paying attention he got a little too close.

We heard him yelp and saw him come running up to the house, dripping blood.  Turns out he broke a toe and needed stitches to repair some lacerations on the inside of his thigh.  Sigh...there goes another $500...

And worse of all, he needed to wear that dang collar to keep him from licking at his wounds.  And he was not a happy camper.  He's such a good dog that he always let us put it on him without much fuss, but you could tell he hated it.  We would give him a little reprieve from it at night when we were watching him, but it had to stay on the rest of the time.  I think we FINALLY have his wounds healed up nicely.  Because after two weeks of having to wash off that dang collar so he could come inside, I was getting pretty tired of it.

Dear Max, we love you lots, but please please....could you stay out of the vets office for a couple months??????

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