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whooeeee...that was a storm!

So, I'm not very good at knowing when the weather changes.  I don't watch the news or read about the weather in the paper.  So, I was a little surprised by the storm that came up last night.  Although I shouldn't be, because EVERY STINKING TIME I hang up clothes to dry on the clothesline...it rains.  Trust me, I should be a Rain Maker or something.

Anyway, I was sitting outside watching the storm come up, which is the best part about living in the country.  You should try it sometime!  The wind came up very quickly and was very strong.  Come to find out later they were 50-60 mph winds and at certain gusts in Iowa up to 70 mph, which is hurricane strength. 

This is when it started to get a little squirrely...one window in the kitchen broke out with bang!  As Jon and I were trying to fix that one, we heard another BANG from upstairs.  He raced up the stairs and immediately started cussing.  (Something we need to work on before the baby comes....)  Our door in the master bedroom hasn't been shutting the past couple weeks due to humidity.  And it had flung open with a vengeance.  It took all of my strength to keep that door shut, while Jon went to find a hammer and nail to shut it.  Here's a little reenactment for you.

Granted it's daytime and the wind isn't actually blowing, but you get the picture.  And yes, those are bras on my dresser...I'm working on a very special project.  And yes are walls are disgusting, you can see where I still need to rip off the rest of the wallpaper.  But it's a huge improvement!

Here's Jon using whatever he could find to pound in a screw.  Namely a 15 pound dumbbell...

And here he is shimmying up the wall to get to the attic to stop the water from pouring in.  And again with the wallpaper...we're working on it! 

And let's not forget the three rounds of hail throughout the night = no sleep for either of us.  Apparently our neighbors were without power for about 12 hours...not us!  Ahhh...the power of living of the grid!

And all the animals are accounted for.  We will also have plenty of firewood for a bon fire this fall with all the downed tree branches.  And the highlight of my morning was listening to our rooster try to croak out a "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"  I actually thought it was Jon imitating the sound of a rooster it sounded so pathetic.  The rooster is technically only a teenager and we all know what happens when animals and people go through puberty! 

Lisa  – (August 7, 2011 at 5:29 PM)  

Glad to hear everyone is accounted for and no serious damage.

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