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Things I've learned after six months of being on the farm.

1.  Do NOT every buy white sheets, towels, clothes...ANYTHING!  There is something about living out on a farm that equals dirt.  Those lovely white sheets that every home magazine has a bed clad in will not work on a farm.  You will curse your bleach, your Oxiclean and the sun, because nothing is getting the dirt and sweat out of those sheets. 

2.  My husband has managed to find a way to injure himself daily.  Some are big injuries and some are small.  Have I told you the one where he cut his leg with a chainsaw?  Another day....

3.  Good medical insurance is a must...see item 2 above.

4.  It's not the heat that will kill you, it's the humidity.

5.  Spray bottles and walking around in your underwear are key to surviving the humidity.  (Call before you come to the farm, please!)

6.  Cleaning has become my life.  I can sweep and sweep and vacuum, but there is going to be dirt somewhere.  And this is coming from a girl who used to sweep or Swiffer in town about once every 3 weeks.  That was usually when company was coming over.

7.  Vinegar is my new best friend.  Need to scrap off old wall paper?  Vinegar and water to the rescue?  Need a good fabric softener?  Vinegar again!  Need to clean a floor, vinegar and water and a good mop!  Want to kill little fruit flies?  Homemade cider vinegar trap is on its way!  Want to deodorize a room...vinegar....ahhh you get the point!

8.  Listening to a rooster try to imitate his rooster friend is enough to through you into a fit of giggles.  While the one rooster has got the Ra-ra-ra-ra-roooooooo sound going, the little rooster can only manage to croak out a few notes.  But darned if he doesn't try every single time!  Don't worry little buddy, every animal goes through puberty!

9.  Clotheslines make me very happy.

10.  Farming is hard work, but at the end of the day I'm so happy Jon and I decided to take this leap of faith.  And I can't wait to show our little Farm Girl the farming life! 

Lisa  – (August 21, 2011 at 2:05 PM)  

It's been quite the experience so far!!!

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