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This is exactly how I feel...

Droopy....saturated with heat...pining for water and a little reprieve from the heat...

The heat and humidity here for the past couple weeks have been pretty brutal here.  The fact that we don't have air conditioning compounds the heat and humidity.  We've employed all sorts of tricks to keeping cool.  My trick is to lay as still as possible under a fan.  It usually works pretty well, except when the humidity in the house gets over 70% and then nothing will make you feel better. 

As few clothes as possible always helps...so just call before you come to the farm...okay?

I also carry around a little spray bottle full of cold water to soak myself.  We bought a little portable air conditioner that we can run at night when we can't sleep in the humidity.  The heat isn't the problem...it's the humidity.  Of course, when we run the air conditioner we have to run the generator as well.

I just keep telling myself that fall is coming...it has to be.

Even though I may complain and curse the sun while shaking my fist at the sky, we are pretty lucky.  We are lucky in that this is our choice.  We don't have to live in a house without air conditioning, but this is what we chose to do.  We have the means to buy a portable air conditioner, pay for gas to run the generator at night or hop into our car and spend the night with family.  Other people aren't so lucky.  Whenever I think I have it bad, I just think about those people who are homeless or down on their luck, that don't have the options that we have.  Jon and I are very lucky, indeed.

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