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Things NOT to do on the farm...

Farming is inherently dangerous.  You are working around large animals that stress easily and also with lots and lots of sharp things.  So accidents happen.  Jon and I have visited the local hospital about three times this year between the two of us.  Jon would say I'm the more expensive of the two, because at least he has the decency to get hurt during regular clinic hours and not have to go to the ER

Reason # 5,463 to be careful when you farm...

Riding your bike through the field to check on cows sounds like a lovely idea!  At a nice leisurely pace, you can check out all the new vegetation and enjoy the morning sky.  Until you notice that it starts to get bumpier and then WHAM...there's a two foot drop off and suddenly you are laying on your back in the middle of a field.  True story.  I have pictures to prove it.

Jon was riding his bike out to check on the cows to get some exercise.  At the last minute he couldn't avoid a two foot drop off, which caused him to go head first over his bike and onto his back.  And then I'm told.... it happened again!  I'm gonna make this guy wear a helmet ALL the time!

Farmer Jon  – (August 3, 2011 at 8:23 AM)  

For the record, I was looking at my tire (because it was low) and when I looked up there was a drop off. The second time I just hit a terrace. It made me fly forward (mainly because I had a low front tire) but not over the handle bars. I will say that I'm glad I'm not an inch shorter or that the bike isn't an inch taller...

Yeoman  – (August 4, 2011 at 1:51 PM)  


I think this is the first farm bicycle accident I've read about.

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