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Times they are a changin

I was showing my coworkers pictures of the farm (via webex) and I thought I would share a few with you.

Here is a picture of the farm last fall when I first came to see the place:

Here it is as of last week:

I know the picture above isn't, necessarily, a scene of beauty but I hope it reflects a small portion of the effort we've put into the place. Continually thinking about the daunting list of things left to do can skew your view of how far you've come. It's always good to take a step back.

I also like to convey the change in lifestyle we are still adjusting to. Here is a picture of our house in town (after we had painted the exterior and landscaped the front):

And here is a picture of the farmhouse:

Here is a picture of our kitchen in town (after we had completely remodeled it):

And here is a picture of our kitchen in the farmhouse (after we slightly remodeled it):

Our instinct is to remodel the farmhouse but we don't own it and without a long term lease in place, it would not be a wise decision to do so. Besides, it's a good dose of medicine for us - To realize that it's OK for things to be "good enough" and not perfect. There's more to life than STUFF. Luckily, all of our money is wrapped up in livestock, feed and equipment so we couldn't afford to do anything if we wanted to! WE ARE OFFICIALLY FARMERS! :)

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