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Don't mix first trimester pregnancy and a brand new farm...

...it may drive your husband crazy...

So, that probably explains the lack of posts on my end.  I'm currently 14 weeks pregnancy and keeping my fingers crossed that the nausea, superman smell and exhaustion are close to being done. 

Like I said, new pregnancies and new farms are a difficult mix.  Thank God my husband is a superhuman, because he was doing it ALL for awhile.  And he never complained...not once.  He's my hero!

My husband and I are extremely grateful for this pregnancy.  It was quite a long road for us filled with many tears...mostly on my end.  It took us well over a year to even get a positive test and that's only after we went to see the fertility specialist.  Literally two weeks after seeing the fertility specialist, I was pregnant with no interventions.  I know God has a sense of humor, because he must have been chuckling over my reaction to a positive test. 

But onward with more farm stuff.  Since I actually feel well enough to get out of bed and do some chores, I took some pictures this morning.

First up, the dog and I are both on the same medication again.  I think he just gets my sickness just to sympathize with me.

See those spots on his face?  That my friends is what we call ringworm...it's great!  Max has a face that only a mother would love right now.  I have two spots and I'm pretty sure that we both got ringworm from the cat.  Whenever I put a little Lotrimin on me, I just call Max over and dose him up good.  He walks over to me with his head down, ears back, like I'm about to serve him his final meal before the electric chair.  It's pretty sad and pathetic at the same time.  But darn it if I don't love the crap out of that dog!

One of our newest calves.  I can't remember if this is a boy or girl, but I've named him/her Pal.  That's short for Palomino, because he reminds me of a horse.  So, we have a cow named after a horse.  That's typical in our household.

Here are three of the calves.  Bam Bam's getting a good lick from his mom.  Marty/White Chocolate is staring us down and the third calf has no name.

And this is what happens when my husband has the camera.  I'm curious to know what was going through his head when he took these pictures.  Was he practicing his camera skills?  Was he letting a little OCD out?  Quite an interesting pictures, don't you think?

Farmer Jon  – (June 10, 2011 at 7:22 AM)  

It was to show that I've put holes in half of my socks. And the rest aren't far behind. So there.

Lisa  – (June 10, 2011 at 4:52 PM)  

Jon, I'd be glad to buy you some new socks! LOL!

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