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My washer and dryer keep telling me what to do..

....and boy is it annoying!!!

You see, about six months before we moved to the farm, Jon and I decided to buy a new washer and dryer.  Our old washer and dryer were hand me downs that were getting to be on their last leg.  The washer wasn't broke....yet, but it sure was making some funny noises!  Of course, we had to buy a front load washer and dryer, like this one.  Actually, I think that is our exact washer.

I remember marveling at our first load in our new washer and dryer.  Now THIS was technology at its best.  What cracked me up the most was that they played a song when they were finished.  They were so high tech that no simple buzz would do when they were finished.  I just had to listen for the nifty little song!  The only thing missing from these marvels was a self folding action.

The dryer was the first to start bossing me around.  I was washing and drying my bedspread and it was having a hard time drying.  I kept setting and resetting the dryer, but it still wasn't getting dry.  I tried putting it on Timed Dry...no luck.  Our dryer was so smart, that it was "sensing" that the bedspread was dry and was shutting off.  I had to run that dryer a couple times to actually get a fully dry bedspread.

Today I was washing cloth diapers and trying to figure out how to get more water in the machine.  Seems silly, but top loading washers are actually much better for washing cloth diapers since the cloth diapers can soak in the water.  Front load washers are so energy efficient because they sense how dirty the clothes are and only add just enough water.  I was starting to have an ammonia problem in my cloth diapers because they weren't able to soak in enough water.  Hopefully I have that problem figured out, but it's pretty annoying to have to trick my washer into adding in more water.

The dryer today was the last straw.  I came upstairs after putting in another load of laundry and told Jon that I will never be buying a front load washer and dryer again.  The stinking dryer was trying to tell me my cloth diapers were dry and they weren't!  I had to run the dryer twice and some of them still weren't dry.  My exact words to Jon were "I'm tired of my washer and dryer thinking they are smarter than me!"  Mark my words...my next washer and dryer will take orders only...none of this "sensing" business.*

*Re-reading this post makes me realize how much of a First World problem I have....

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