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TGIM!!!  Or in other words, Thank Goodness It's Monday...that may sound silly to everyone else who likes Fridays, but I feel like my Mondays are my Fridays.  Our weekends have been so jam packed with me finishing up my Community Crops class, having friends and family over who generously babysit Clara and trying to actually get a garden going.  Mondays are a chance for me to breath, take a step back and actually slow down a little bit.  And of course, get caught up on laundry...which never goes away...

I guess I never thought how hard it was going to be to actually start a garden with a baby...and boy have I learned my lesson!  I can't do it all anymore, which is difficult for me to swallow since I'm such a Type A, give it 110% type of person.  I don't think I realized that about myself until I moved out to the farm.  I was looking through all of my old pictures and I found one really good example.

Here are a couple of pictures of my cover cropping attempts:

Why yes...that is my old backyard!  And yes, I was that crazy home gardener that was attempting to cover crop for weed suppression in her backyard.  I won't even tell you how many crazy looks I got going around town trying to find cover crop seed.  I finally found buckwheat and clover at Earl May and I spread it over my raised beds.  It's so funny, because this was way back in the summer of 2010 and we hadn't even thought of actually giving farming a full time trial.  It shows what a person can do if they are determined.  And it totally worked, by the way.  Buckwheat is a great weed suppressor since it's such a fast growing plant.  I let it grow until it flowered and then had Jon hit it with the weed eater and tilled it into the ground.  Not too shabby, huh?

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