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Lake Open Sky

Wow, Saturday was a wild weather ride!  We were very lucky to scrape by with the weather we did, it could have been much worse.  We did get some very strong winds and about 2 inches of rain that came down very quickly and the ground was not able to soak it all up.  Hence Lake Open Sky!

I'm sure our newly weaned calves were wondering how they got themselves into this mess.

Our pond by the driveway was so full that the water was rushing around the edge of the dam. 

Here's the water going around the dam. And off of our farm... :(

My garden got washed out a little bit and some newly planted potatoes were uncovered.  Not too bad though!  Like I said, the weather could have been much worse and my heart goes out to those who were affected by tornadoes.  Spring weather in Nebraska can be so scary sometimes...

Some benefited from the excess water more than others...


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