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spring has sprung

Farmer Jon here - For a while there mother nature appeared to be skipping straight to summer but, thankfully, we are back to feeling like a spring. And just in time for all the spring happenings!

We just received our baby chicks yesterday.

 All three sows farrowed a total of 19 piglets!

Jamie is working hard to get the garden ready.


The asparagus has been growing like crazy for over a week.

We even officially started the grazing season today by putting the cattle out on a new paddock.
I have the day off and Jamie decided to pick up a shift at work, so Clara and I moved the cattle.

Clara had a lot of fun but she's not much help. She was asleep before I even got down to the cattle!

Lisa  – (April 7, 2012 at 5:44 AM)  

So many cute babies on your farm! Especially darling little Clara!

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