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Pizza and beer

Now doesn't that sound like an excellent meal?  I am a pizza fanatic, specifically the thin crust of a New York style pizza.  My absolute favorite pizza is from Zios in Omaha.  I may have been eating there once a week the last few months of my pregnancy...:)  I've tried duplicating my favorite pizza at home and have gotten close a couple times.  I've made a few pizzas on the grill last year.  Close, but no cigar.  I always struggled with is the sauce.  I didn't want a thick pasty sauce.  I wanted something more of a fresh tomato sauce, but not too fresh because I had problems getting the crust done when it was too watery.

Enter Annie's Eats Thin Crust Pizza.  I think I died and went to heaven after I made this.  (Please check out the rest of her website, because she has excellent recipes.)  I found it!  The perfect combination of thin chewy crust and a nice tomato sauce.  I would have taken pictures of it, but Jon and I ate both pizzas I made too fast.  Please please try this recipe.  The sauce is hands down my favorite homemade pizza sauce and it made a lot of sauce, so I have some frozen.

And doesn't a great pizza need a great beer?  Enter Schilling Bridge.  Schilling Bridge Winery is located in Pawnee City, Nebraska.  I haven't tried the wine yet, but Jon bought some of the 70 Schilling Bridge ale and it is my new favorite beer.  I could probably have one a night if I wasn't breastfeeding.  As it is now, I can hardly even drink half of it, but mmmmmmmmm is it good!

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