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Oh my pretties...

Aren't they gorgeous?  I think so...and I know other cloth diaper mommas do too.  These are the Fuzzibunz One Size Elite diapers.  When I first started cloth diapering, my main system was prefolds and Thirsties diaper covers.  I also really liked the Rumparooz newborn covers that I had.  I had a few pockets and AIOs and of course, my FAVORITE kind, the Bummis Tot Bots easy fit.  I would definitely recommend starting off with prefolds and covers as the main system and trialing a few pockets and AIOS.  That way you don't have to invest so heavily until you figure out what works for your baby.  Every diaper is so different and fits babies differently, so it's really trial and error.

I found myself reaching for my pink Fuzzibunz elite more and more and when Clara outgrew her prefolds, I decided to invest in some pockets.  I did buy two more of the Bummis as well.  I love the Bummis, but I'm just worried about the velcro going out on them, so I wanted some snaps to round out my cloth diaper stash.  I was so excited to get home with my new Fuzzibunz bought from my favorite cloth diaper store.  And then it happened...she leaked in her pink Fuzzibunz!  In the past I've put her in the Fuzzibunz all night and never had leaks.  So, now I'm nervous to wash them, just in case they've stopped working for her.  I'm washing one new Fuzzibunz and the old Fuzzibunz to trial today.  Wish me luck, because I do not want to return these pretties!  The great thing about the Elite Fuzzibunz is that they have elastic on the inside of the legs and waistband to really adjust the fit right.  I also put in the newborn insert instead of the regular one, so I'm wondering if that's what happened as well.  I think everything will be fine, because not two hours later she leaked out of her Thirsties duo diaper, which has never happened and she also leaked out of her Pampers disposable later.  Maybe it was just a fluke?  I hope so, because I want to wash all of these pretties..

ETA:  Success!  No leaks from either her old or new Fuzzibunz.  I'm off to wash me some pretties!  I think what was happening was I was putting Aquaphor on her to protect her skin from her disposables.  She has pretty sensitive skin and gets red very easily.  I was washing the cloth wipes that wiped off Aquaphor with her diapers, which is a no no.  Only cloth diaper safe cream should be used against their skin, such as CJ's Butter rash cream.  Anything else will cause repelling and leaking.  Good to know!

Julie –   – (April 23, 2012 at 1:45 PM)  

First post read, as I am a cloth junkie. I had a spell where my babe would 'splode out of several FB Elites every day. I cursed them to the heavens. Circle ME said her body shape would change...and her poos would change...and they were right. It was a phase. The FBs are lovely now.

Also...if you didn't wash themn a few times first, they may not have been as absorbent.

Of course, you seem fine now, so why am I babbling on about diapers?

Ha. I just heard my baby poo. I'd better change her.

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