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Many thanks to our work day participants!

Wow!  What a weekend! 

This weekend we had our first work day.  And there was a LOT of work done.  Unfortunately the fencing project was slightly derailed as there were so many trees down that the crew's job was much more difficult than anticipated.  But they got as far as they could and as Jon had said....that would have taken him alone three years to get as far as they did.

I also have to say that we have the best family in the world.  Although there are some divorces and remarriages involved ALL of our parents get along great.  We are so thankful because it doesn't have to be this way.  Our baby girl is going to be spoiled by my mom Lisa and dad Roger and Jon's parents, Kirk and Wanda and Deb and Jerry. Not only did they all work their tails off on Saturday but came back Sunday to help get even more work done! We couldn't have done it without you.

Anyways, here's a list of people we would like to thank- (warning, very long post that may be of no interest to you unless you were at the work day)

Davy-(who earned a gold star for showing up the earliest!) thanks for all your hard work helping Jon get stuff loaded and taking part on the fencing crew.

Brenda, Todd, Todd's father and Riley-thanks for bringing orange juice and your wallpaper stripping skills!  Thanks Todd for helping with fencing and for his dad for helping to strip off wallpaper.  Riley thanks for all the pretty pictures around the house (she's three) and thanks so much Brenda for having this great idea.  Also, thanks Brenda for encouraging me to think of projects around the house for people to complete...you guys got so much done!

Grandma Linda-thanks for working so hard scraping off wallpaper residue.  And you did such a good job cleaning up everything afterwards...those stairs were so clean!  Thanks for the yummy deserts!

Lisa-thanks for helping with the fence project AND inside the house.  Bonus points for being so multi-talented!

Roger-thanks for roofing the balcony area, fixing the doors, putting up the ceiling fan in the baby's room AND for helping with the fence.  Extra extra gold stars!

Deb-thanks for helping out on the fence and for painting in the kitchen.  The kitchen is so bright and lovely!

Jerry-thanks for helping out with fencing and sharing your knowledge about fixing barb wire fences.  One can only read so much on the Internet without someone actually showing you how to do it.

Wanda-thanks for helping out with fencing and for scraping wallpaper.  The office looks so nice and I know Jon appreciates not working in a dungeon anymore.

Kirk-thanks for helping out with the fence and for mowing the lawn.  Sorry about the cut foot...hope it heals okay!

Megan-thanks for helping out with multiple projects around the house and for being a paparazzi.  Your pictures helped to document the process and the people that I was too busy to notice at times.

Aunt Gaylene and Grandma Ruth-thanks for being entertainment for the girls scraping wallpaper in the office...it sure made the time go faster!

Uncle Tim-thanks for helping out with the fencing project....we appreciate you!

Alisha, Karlee and Jake-thanks for coming out to tour the farm, hope you saw lots of pigs!

Jen, Kate and Lauren-thanks for coming out to tour the farm, hopefully there were no eggs in Kate's pockets when you got home!

Todd, Kristi, Raegan and Elijah- Todd thanks for helping out on the fencing crew. Great job painting Kristi, thank you! And of course, special thanks to Raegan and Elijah for entertaining the animals and creating such beautiful artwork for our windows.

Mary, Whitney, Bryce and Kaylee-thanks for coming to see the farm and for bringing the most important part of any work party...food!  If you haven't check out Marty's BBQ shop in Lincoln, BBQ4U, you are missing out!  He has the best pulled pork around and so many great BBQ sauces to try out.  He has two great locations in Lincoln and the absolute BEST cornbread you've ever tasted!

Liz, Aaron and Baby Anna-thanks for helping with the wallpaper scrapping, Liz.  And baby Anna, thanks for being such a good baby, so your mom could help us out.  Aaron thanks for coming to the farm and we will hold you to that promise of future work days...

Jerrod and Rossana-thanks for coming out to the farm!  Jerrod thanks for all your hard work on the fencing crew and Rosanna thanks for cleaning out the mud room.  The mud room hasn't shined so much since before we moved in!

Uncle Gordon, cousins Mac and Alan, Aunt Marg, cousins Brittany, Brianna, James and Amashanique-thanks for coming out the see the farm!  It was so much fun having you!

Josh-thanks for making it out to the farm after work and for reminding Jon to relax.  He needed it...

Phew....I hope we didn't miss anyone!  And pictures to come from our little paparazzi Megan...

ETA:  Sorry Cheryl and Amanda!  I swear I didn't deliberately miss you, you were both on my list and somehow both Jon and I missed the fact that you weren't on the actual post.  Cheryl, thanks so much for watching and entertaining Riley, you were such a good babysitter!  And Amanda, thanks so much for working on painting the trim in the bathroom...it looks awesome!

Lisa  – (September 26, 2011 at 4:28 PM)  

I know they call it "work" but it didn't feel that way to me. Despite the scratches, bruises and swollen big toe it was fun! Always glad to help out in anyway I can. Don't ever hesitate to ask! I will gladly put more of my skills to the test:)

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