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Darn you sewing machine gremlins!

Grrr...if there are any sewers out there that know the pain of having a sewing machine die in the middle of a big project...you feel my pain.

Blogging has been minimal, because I've been strapped to my sewing machine for the past couple weeks.  And of course, the sewing is all out of love!

When I first became pregnant, I didn't think I would want to do a complete nursery since we are renting.  First of all, it hurt too much to think about my house in town and how much nicer the nursery would be there.  I got over feeling sorry for myself and decided that planning a nursery was a right for any expectant mother.

And so it commenced...the ripping off of old wallpaper...discovering mold behind said wallpaper...cursing at the cracks between wall and ceiling...cursing at the painting of the ceiling and finally the finished product of a nicely painted blue green nursery.  I thought I was having a boy until the last two weeks before the ultrasound.  I kept having very vivid dreams about painting a little girl's room a pretty blue green...and so after I found out the baby was a girl you can guess what happened first!

I'm not done with everything in the nursery yet, but I thought I would show what project has chained me to the sewing machine.

See that?  That's called too darn many rows of ruffles!  And I made TWO of them!  I can't help it, but I fell in love with this shower curtain.  And after I saw this tutorial, I just knew I could make them into curtains.  I would never have attempted this project if I didn't have a serger and a ruffle foot attachment for my sewing machine.  I am definitely not a glutton for punishment, which is what sewing 1/4 inch seams on all of that fabric would be.

Sorry for the poor pictures.  7:00 at night in a room with a north east orientation = poor lighting.

They definitely need to be hung higher to hide the dark wood trim, but I am very happy with them.  It makes me so happy that I could make something so pretty for my little girl.  On to the next nursery project!

And on to lusting after a new sewing machine...

Lisa  – (September 5, 2011 at 12:00 PM)  

The curtains turned out very pretty!!!! Can't wait to help you get it all finished and ready for our lovey little girl.

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