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Sometimes in life a person needs an attitude adjustment.  This week that person is me!

I've been struggling a bit with my attitude lately.  In all fairness, there has been A LOT of life changes happening to our family in the past couple years.  Still my attitude has been fairly poor and I'm a little tired of it.

I hate sitting around thinking "Whoa is me...my life sucks...other people have it way easier than I do..." Yes, other people do have it easier than me, but guess what?  Other people have a harder life as well!  I'm so incredibly lucky to have a caring husband, beautiful little girl and a life that always keeps it real and interesting.  So, I've decided to stop the self defeating attitude and adopt a new one.

Case in point:
Old attitude:  Why is breastfeeding so hard for me and so easier for other women?
New attitude:  Man, I am so lucky to have been able to breastfeed my daughter for three months, even if I struggled mightily with nipple shield, nipple vasospasm and a dropping milk supply.  Way to stick it through, Jamie!

Old attitude:  My life sucks, my baby screams in the car seat anytime I want to get out of the house, which makes it nearly impossible to get into town without wanting to stop and pull out my hair.
New attitude:  Dear baby in the backseat, I know that car seat is pinching you to death and you are not a fan.  We are almost to town, in the meantime enjoy the pleasurable sound of this rattle I'm shaking in front of your face.

Old attitude:  My life sucks because sometimes I don't even have enough power to finish a blog post or the power kicks off when I turn on my breast pump (true story!)
New attitude:  You are a crazy fool who lives off the grid, just think of how many stories you will be able to tell your children...I was in the middle of (fill in the blank) task and the stinking power went out!  Silly power...

Old attitude:  My life sucks because I miss my nice house in town with a dishwasher and clean floors with no dog hair.
New attitude:  You are so incredibly lucky to have had such a nice house in town with a dishwasher and clean floors with no dog hair.  Just think, someday you will have that again and will be so incredibly grateful!

Old attitude:  My life sucks because my sweet baby girl won't go to sleep at the magic hour of eight.
New attitude:  Dear baby girl, I know you feel like you are a rock star and are ready to party all night.  But now it's sleepy time, so why don't we snuggle a bit until you start to feel sleepy.  I prayed for you everyday for over 14 months and I'm so glad you are here with us now...even if you won't go to sleep!

Old attitude:  My life sucks because....blah blah blah..whine whine whine...you get the point!
New attitude:  My life is awesome, because I'm alive, healthy, have a great husband, baby girl and extended family.  AND to top it all off, Jon and I are in the incredible position to actually pursue our pipe dreams and not just talk about them.

Tired of my whining yet?  Me too!  My attitude is a work in progress, but I already feel soooo much better when I actually admit to myself how nasty my self talk has become.  Life is short, let's not waste it on such negativity...mmmkay?

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